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Pet Pictures


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The Gopher's Own Pets
This is my cat.
Eek the cat.
This is my cat, Eek. He is a stray I found when he was about 4 or 5 months old. His age was hard to tell because he was half starved. I found him in my sisters yard. When I first picked him up, he purred and gave me little love bites on my chin. He's been my baby ever since.
This is my dog.
My dog Goldie.
This is my dog, Goldie. She is 50% Chiwawa and 50% Begal and 100% lovable. Her mother was a chiwawa and the pupies were too much for her, so we got her before she was weened. We had to bottle feed her for a short time, but she turned out alright, except for being a big baby.

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