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The following list all the products and their prices that are available from Crafts, crafts, crafts.

1. Baskets

The Baskets are each hand made from various kinds of cloth. Each is a one of a kind.The size of each of the baskets is approximatly the same as 2 hands cupped together. The prices of the baskets range from $10.00 to $20.00 and are listed above the picture of the basket in the Gallery. If you see a basket you would like to purchase, Contact Crafts, crafts, crafts with your request. With these it's first come, first served so place your request right away.

2. Hand Decorated Jars

The Hand Decorated Jars are each unique in design. No 2 are alike. The prices range from $10.00 to $15.00 and are listed above the picture in the Gallery. Because the jars are each one of a kind,  they are also a first come, first served items. So put in your request today for yours, just Contact Crafts, crafts, crafts.

3. Burnt Match Cross

4. Paper Towel Holder

5. Toilet Paper Holder

6.Rustic Bulliten Board

7. Rustic Table Lamp

Items 3 through 7 listed above are all available at any time. The price of the Burnt Match Cross is $15.00. The price of the Toilet Paper Holder and the Paper Towel Holder is $10.00 each. The Rustic Bulliten
Board is $15.00 and the Rustic Table Lamp is $35.00. The prices are also listed above the pictures of the items in the Gallery. If you would like to purchase any of these items, just Contact Crafts, crafts, crafts.

6. The Kits

There are 2 kits currently available at Crafts, crafts, crafts. The basket kit contains the material for 1 basket and the directions for the basket. The colors of the baskets vary. If you would like a specific color of basket material for your kit, you can make a request with your order and I will try to meet your request, however, I can make no guarantees there. The burnt match cross kit contains the matches, the cardboard, the hook (pop top) for the back, and the directions. You supply the glue and what ever finish you want. The price of the kits is $7.00 each. To place an order just Contact Crafts, crafts, crafts.

To place an order for a hand crafted item, go to the Gallery and make your selection.  Then Contact Crafts, crafts, crafts to let me know. Each item in the gallery is one of a kind, so it's first come, first served. Make your selection today, it may not be there tomarrow.

Some of the items listed can be custome made for you. For more information on any item listed or for a custom made order simply Contact Crafts, crafts, crafts.

Please call us at (228) 861-9043 or send an email for more details.

The Gopher will update this page frequently so be sure to check back!

Contact Crafts, crafts, crafts for more information.